As a stage 4 cancer patient, I chose to receive regular NAET treatments. Along with cleaning up my gut (food allergies), I found great relief from pain, the side effects of chemo and the stress associated with a chronic disease. Dr. Mike is passionate in helping his patients heal the entire person–body, spirit and emotions. NAET is an amazing tool for optimum wellness.

My son was diagnosed with fructose intolerance which includes nearly every food. After diet modifications and medications to relieve the symptoms with little success, I brought him to Dr. Mike to try NAET treatments.  After his treatment, he can eat foods he loves without restrictions or the negative side effects he had been experiencing.  I must admit, I don’t fully understand how it works, but am sold on this treatment!  And Dr. Mike did an excellent job making my son feel welcomed and comfortable.  I highly recommend!
- Jenny

I am the mother of a 3-year-old boy, Aiden, who at 6-months old started showing signes of allergies to dairy. After a few months, trial and error, and a couple of doctor visits later, he had allergies to wheat, dairy, and egg. His reactions started out as hives all over his face and then got worse to include facial swelling. I managed his allergies on diet for a couple of years and then after he turned 3, I couldn't seem to keep up. He was having more reactions and I was thinking there was something I was missing. I heard through Dr. Dave Olson that his father, Dr. Michael Olson, had been treating allergies. I heard this months before, but didn't actually think about what "treating" would mean beyond avoidance. So we met with Dr. Michael Olson and he started my son on NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques). Through NAET, Dr. Olson found additional allergies and sensitivities that we were able to treat and clear. The results were amazing — the rash my son had on and off for the last three years was finally cleared up and there were no more complaints of his tummy hurting after eating, and he finally started to look like he felt better. Best of all he was able to eat some of the foods we avoided for so long with no reactions. This has changed my son's life and provided me with great relief. 
Jessica F.

My son, Coen, has had consistent swelling and ear infections from the time he was an infant through his toddler years. Many nights we would be up with him because he had to work so hard to breathe due to congestion. We began working with Dr. Mike to address allergies and foods he could not tolerate. Since we started working with Dr. Mike, Coen has not had an ear infection or difficulty breathing. His immune system seems to be functioning better than ever before. Dr. Mike is very caring and personable. He listens to your concerns and works with you to achieve your health goals.
Christine D.