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Healing and holistic therapies

Wellness testing and screening

Screening and testing services for allergies, gluten sensitiviy, leaky gut, cross-reactive food, and predictive antibodies. 

Holistic spa treatment

The spa treatment uses a viboroaccoustic sound bed that incorporates infrared lights. The noninvasive treatment activates healing of the mind, body, and spirit and provides relaxation of the mind and body through the treatment. 



  • Detoxification through the skin with far infrared. Far infrared saunas provide this same benefit for the entire body. The sauna has limited areas that emit far infrared rays. Research shows the sweat from a person using far infrared contains many more toxins that include heavy metals, nicotine, and alcohol.

  • Assists with weight loss by increasing and stimulating your metabolism.

  • Improves the overall condition of the circulatory system, expanding capillaries and locally improving circulation.

  • Due to your body not accumulating so many toxins, it has antiaging benefits.

  • Improved oxygenation.

  • Full-body massage, relieving minor muscle aches and pains and relief of tension caused by fatigue.

  • Promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing and improves energy.

  • Reduction of extracellular body and leg fluid.

  • Stress reduction, which is still a leader in many of today's chronic health problems.

Please see the Pricing page for spa treament pricing.

Therapeutic sound treatment

Musical tones and frequencies that relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles, and restore sound sleep. Listen to a certain kind of music that your body uses to unlock the power to connect emotional and physical ailments. Therapeutic sound treatment has an amazing potential to help your body heal itself and facilitate hard-to-explain results. 



  • Erases feelings of fear and guilt.

  • Replaces sluggishness and lethargy with quick, sharp energy.

  • Corrects problems in your blood, muscles, joints, kidneys, and liver without dangerous drugs.

  • Neutralizes immune system and hormonal imbalances.

  • Almost instantly soothes feelings of unrest, anxiety, and depression.

  • Restores full, healthy function to your heart, adrenal glands, and circulatory system.

  • Experiences deep spiritual and emotional healing.

Quantum healing

Quantum healing is a natural and vibrational healing method used to promote balance of the mind, body, and spirit. The healing is a safe, noninvasive method to bring balance and healing to individuals. Dr. Olson works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself and use quantum healing, it maximizes the body’s own capacity to heal. Using the quantum healing approach also addresses underlying issues or the "root cause" of an illness or emotional imbalance through the form of energy healing. Quantum healing assists an individuals’ own healing process by bringing its own energy in balance.

Please see the Pricing page for informathion on holistic therapy pricing.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these techniques. The statements within are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease. We make no medical claims. Please consult a health practitioner for any health problems.

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