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About Us

Dr. Michael Olson 

Dr. Olson operates a holistic wellness clinic specializing in an integrative team approach to healthcare. We look at how all areas of your life are interconnected to determine a personalized wellness plan for you.

Dr. Olson was a chiropractor for 38 years in Osceola, WI and has served over 220,000 patients. He holds certifications in: 

  • Cancer educator

  • Clinical nutritionist

  • Gluten practitioner

  • NAET practitioner

  • Thermographer


Dr. Olson has been a member of the organization since 2014. The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education is a well-established and innovative nonprofit organization devoted to preventing cancer, reducing suffering from cancer and treatment side effects, and preventing disease recurrence.


BeatCancer.Org serves adults with cancer and children via legal guardian or caregiver, through education, coaching, counseling, resources, referrals, and support with a particular focus on those who have become emotionally or physically disenfranchised as a result of their treatment. The organizations Patient's Services Program offers individuals it serves many opportunities to attain high-quality of life and sustained wellness through personalized guidance.

As thermographer, Dr. Olson pursued research into the connection between oral pathology and autoimmune diseases with specific emphasis on the connection of breast cancer to oral pathology. He then established a multidisciplinary team approach that coordinates radiologists who specialize in thermography with functional medicine practitioners and holistic dentists in an effort to find and correct the oral pathology condition. This protocol is known as Thermographic Oral Pathology Syndromes protocol.

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